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Working Experience > Software Validation Engineer @ Intel Corporation | Aug 2022 - Present
Nov 2022 - Present, Software Validation Engineer - FPGA High Level Design (HLD)
+ Work on software validation for FPGA card
[Python, Ubuntu]

Aug 2022 - Oct 2022, Software DevOps Engineer
+ Looking into CI/CD automation enablement.
[Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ubuntu]

> Senior Software Engineer @ Cycure Sdn. Bhd. | Mar 2020 - May 2022
+ Involve in End-to-End chat application development for local GLC.
+ Convert electron desktop to web application.
+ Develop features such as, sync history message with mobile, group management, clear link devices.
+ Write script to obfuscate and bundle the application, ease deployment process.
+ Develop API for integration.
+ Maintain development server.
[Javascript, NodeJS, Java, PostgreSQL, Redis, PHP, MySQL]

> Software Engineer @ Sarawak Information System Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) | Dec 2014 - Mar 2020
Oct 2018 - Mar 2020, Head of Software Solution Development unit, IoT Solution & Service Division.
+ Involve in web application development of Remote Monitoring System for local Electric Utility Company.
+ Monitor around 300 points of substation for ease the operational if there is faulty / abnormality / vandalism / cable theft.
+ Develop web dashboard report for event activity, timeline, and interactive map view.
[PHP (CodeIgniter), JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

+ Involve in web application development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for local Water Utility Company.
+ Ease the operational on monitoring household water usage and billing.
+ Develop web dashboard for overall water usage and meter reading record.
+ Develop API and integrate with several vendor to retrieve / update meter records.
[PHP (CodeIgniter), JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

Jan 2018 - Sep 2018, Head of Video Surveillance unit, Cybersecurity Digital Infrastructure Division.
+ Involve in site survey, proposal, design, and collaborate with Hikvision to provide security surveillance system for Government Offices, Critical Infrastructure, and Electric Utility Substation.
+ Design perimeter monitoring & intrusion detection system, combining CCTV with Photobeam.
+ Technology exploration from HIKVISION, Thermal imaging application, Face detection & recognition, ANPR, Door access control, People counting.
+ Develop web dashboard and script to control multiple NVR at different location from the command center.
+ Develop web page and script to controll NVR in RasPi for Child Witness Court system.
[PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

Oct 2017 - Dec 2017, Web developer Healthcare Information System, Software and Digital Solutions Section.
+ Involve in early stage of Laboratory Inventory System.
+ Look into multiple database connection.
+ Develop Python web service for seamlessly integration web application with scanner through API.
[Java, SmartGWT, HTML, CSS, Python]

Dec 2014 - Oct 2017, Web developer Video Surveillance, R&D Section.
+ Involve in web application development of Security Surveillance System.
+ Develop web dashboard, realtime event notification, event management, CCTV management and settings.
+ Develop web dashboard for Face recognition integration.
[PHP (Laravel), JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, MQTT, HTML, CSS ]

Portfolio / Collaborator > HackerTrail @ | 2022
+ Custom Chrome Extension.
+ Internal python script.
+ Internal dashboard page module [Angular].
+ Custom Wordpress plugins.
[Python, Angular, PHP (Wordpress), JavaScript, HTML, CSS]

> Vroom @ | 2019
+ Involve in development of logistics and parcel delivery system (startup).
+ Develop admin dashboard, order management, delivery map view, and distance rule.
+ Develop backend service and API for integration with mobile apps (Ionic).
+ Develop backend service and integration with Slack and SwiftMailer for order status update.
+ Develop API for integration with local e-wallet Sarawak Pay.
[PHP (Laravel), JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

> Farmo @ | 2019
+ Involve in setup and configuration of groceries e-commerce platform.
+ Custom wordpress plugin to display overall daily order product count, ease the operational to prepare the item for the next day order.
+ Configure and manage VPS.
[PHP (Wordpress), Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

> DCmarket @ | 2018
+ Involve in setup and configuration of automotive e-commerce platform.
+ Configure and manage VPS.
+ Containerized new backend service in Docker, Automation (CI/CD) using Jenkins to deploy to server.
[PHP (Wordpress), Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS]

> The Story of Kuching | 2017
+ Social sharing apps for Heritage place of Kuching City mobile apps (Ionic).
+ Configure and manage VPS.
[Javascript (Ionic), PHP (Laravel)]

> Others
+ 2020, Develop Wordpress plugin for Woocommerce checkout using local e-wallet Sarawak Pay.
+ 2020, Game development playground with Unity.
+ 2020, Assist in existing iRS PoS system configuration for a restaurant, to adding the support for GrabFood and GrabPay, including printing daily sales report based on that category.
+ 2020, Write MsWord macro for reading data from MsExcel to fill in the form.
+ 2019, Python Scrapy to crawl webpage for its data or links.
+ 2019, Chrome extension for crawl all link from a current website in open tab. Chrome Web Store
+ 2015, Android game development with LibGDX, and release it on Google Playstore. Google Playstore

> JavaScript
> NodeJS
> Python
> Java
> TypeScript
> MongoDB
> PostgreSQL
> Redis
> React
> Vue
> Bootstrap
> jQuery
> Laravel
> CodeIgniter
> Wordpress
> Git
> Docker
> Jenkins
> Swagger
> Unity C#
> Apache
> Nginx
> DigitalOcean
> Google Cloud
> CloudFlare
> Ubuntu
> CentOS
> Windows
> Photoshop

Education > Master of Science @ Swinburne University of Technology| 2012 - 2014 + Successfully completed. Published 5 journal papers and 2 conference papers. + Thesis, “On Improving the Accuracy of Spectrum-based Fault Localization” + Publications: * (2014), Incremental Spectrum Cloning Algorithm for Optimization of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization. Contemporary Engineering Sciences. * (2014), Improving Spectrum-based Fault-localization through Spectra Cloning for Fail Test Cases beyond Balanced Test Suite. Contemporary Engineering Sciences. * (2013), Noise Reduction for Spectrum-based Fault Localization, IJCA. * (2013), Debugging in the Extreme: Spectrum-based Fault Localization with Limited Test Cases, IJSEIA. * (2013), Spectrum-based Fault Localization: A Pair Scoring Approach, Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information. * (2013), Spectrum-based Fault Localization Tools with Test Case Preprocessor, IEEE. * (2012), Dynamic Fault Visualization Tool for Fault-based Testing and Prioritization, IEEE. > Bachelor of Science @ Swinburne University of Technology | 2008 - 2011 + Successfully completed with CGPA 3.29 out of 4.00